4th of July Message

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July.

Before I go out and celebrate, I want to remind you that half of the year has gone by.  Time to take a look at the goals, strategies and tactics you created.  Most of you planned a revenue and profit target, some of you thought this was the year for expansion.   Remember how excited you were about the possibility of reaching those dreams?  Well, how are you doing so far?

For those of you who have hit or exceed those targets, I raise my glass to you (or, given the holiday, a beer can).  Please take some time to acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate.  Then, after your weekend, get yourself ready for the next six months.  Get back to the planning board.  Repeat what is working,  and step up onto the shoulders of what worked so you can far exceed your dreams for 2015.

If you have not hit your projected targets, you’re not alone.  Not to worry.  You have six more months to make the difference you want to make, buy you need to get started now. Here is the quick and dirty on what to do.

  1. Create a plan.  Have goals, 3 strategies for each goal, and 5 actions for each strategy.  Then take a look. Will the goals, strategies and actions be enough to make your goals?  If so, cool.  If not, adjust.
  2. Every Friday, set about 1 hour aside, and evaluate:  did you accomplish everything you needed to accomplish to move your goals forward—Yes or No. If your response was No, you have some work to do. Review and create your next week—put in time blocks to fulfill your plan.
  3. Be your word.  That means do what you say.  Don’t blow things off just because you don’t want to….or you are too busy (very popular). Then check the following Friday.  How did you do?
  4. Repeat #2 and #3.
  5. Give yourself a positive self-talk or a talking to.  “Get over yourself.  What would Thomas Jefferson do or John Adams do?  If they had not done the amazing job they did (because they didn’t want to, after all there were fields to tend), we would not be the country we are today.

Remember, nothing is handled, get to work.   On Monday.


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