Self Acknowledgement

February 24, 2015


When was the last time you got thoroughly acknowledged for the awesome job you did?  I am sure that most of you know what I am talking about—you know, in baseball, when you got a slap on the butt, and an “ata’ boy”?  Even if you never were an athlete, you know what I mean.  Remember the gold stars handed out in grade school?  We all wanted those gold stars for a job well done.

Last Spring I was looking for that gold star from my husband.  I had been  working in the backyard, digging out the massive weeds that have been flourishing from gardening neglect.  I ended up the job by planting some roses and various annuals.  I waited for my husband to marvel at the work I had done and the results that had been produced.  I waited and waited and waited.  Nothing.  Then I started thinking about the last time someone said, “Great job”.  I further mused—I haven’t really been acknowledged in a long time, whether in the garden, at work, or what I do in the community.   After reaching this conclusion, I had an epiphany!  What was I waiting for??

Bottom line, don’t wait.  Don’t wait for your husband to marvel at your wonders.   Don’t wait for your clients, boss, staff, mother or person X to acknowledge you.  Acknowledge yourself.  Do it now.  After all, you are the best person to know exactly what it took to produce the result.  It only makes sense, right?

Acknowledge yourself.  Stand back from your work, take a look at it and give yourself a pat on the back.  Don’t stop until you get the sense of pride of a job well done.  If you want to really swing out, ask someone to acknowledge you.

Most of us are masterful at the self-negative assessments on a daily (minute-by-minute?) basis.  Try practicing multiple self- acknowledgements per day and see what happens in your business.  Way to go… Ata’ girl!


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