Getting Unstuck about Posting

March 5, 2013

I would like to talk about being stuck, and then finally, getting unstuck. As you can see, I have been stuck for 8 months–No blog posting since July 2012. Now that’s stuck. I think it is fun to see the process I went through to get unstuck. This is how it went.
1. I was busy during the summer. (wow, there’s a new one)
2. My husband was diagnosed with cancer, he had an operation and I had to “be there for him”. (This was very dramatic, and for some of you, you can relate, but really, in those months, I had time to write a couple of entries.
3. I was embarrassed.
4. I was further embarrassed after great marketing people told me to step it up and write something.
5. I thought I could never write anything original again. I have no more ideas.
6. I was mad at people telling me what to do. I became a business owner so no one could tell me what to do! (a misnomer if I’ve ever hear one). How was I going to tell these people I had nothing more to write?

Then…I happen to read a great blog entry about gardening and I got inspired. The three things I love most are: my family, being and working with entrepreneurs, and gardening. I got it back. I got the love back.

7. I found (I carved it out of my schedule) some time to just sit. Not return calls, not open mail in any form. Just sit. Ideas flew out of my brain so fast I could not capture them. After all, I was just sitting. Thank god I have a recorder nearby, I got my ideas back. I got the love back. Whew!

The sooner you get unstuck – don’t wait 8 months—the better. Quite time and love are great ingredients for getting unstuck. Let me know what you find.


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