Goal Setting for Results

January 16, 2012

If you have ever seen a goal scored in a soccer match on Hispanic TV, first the ball arches over the body of the goalie guarding the goal post and crashes into the net; then you’ll hear the announcer wail the drawn out word  GOOOOAAAALLLL; the goal scorer will tear off his shirt and throw it to the crowd; the other players hoop, holler and fall on the scorer; and the spectators scream, whistle, cry and raise banners. Everyone is excited and inspired.

In soccer, it is obvious that a goal has been achieved to the agreement and satisfaction of all participants. Otherwise you would have two teams running up and down a field aimlessly kicking a ball.  There would be no excitement and inspiration, really no game. 

In business, you routinely set and complete goals. Do your goals measure achievements that excite and inspire you and your customers?  Following are some tips for you to follow in setting goals:

Make sure goals “feel good” and express your wants and needs rather than “look good” to impress  others.     

Embrace attainable “stretch” goals that inspire and challenge you 

Shun unreachable “strain” goals that will derail and demotivate you.  

Define your goals with clarity-be specific and detailed

Reassess your goals and don’t be afraid to adapt them to the changing environment

Make a list of your values-family etc-and make sure your goals are in alignment with your values.

Develop your goals with participation from your stakeholders-family, employees, customers, and business coach.

Prioritize goals-allocate your energy and resources to those with the highest priority

Remember to generate passion, enjoyment and celebration as you work towards accomplishing your goals.

Here is to a great New Year!


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