Completing 2011

January 11, 2012

We are at the beginning of another business year, and it is natural that we reflect on our balance sheet of profits, losses, successes and failures of the past year.    We may have mixed emotions as we ponder the ebbs and flows of the past year, but whatever our results, we need to close the books on 2011.

We have a choice in empowering ourselves to deal with the realities of the coming year.  We can enter 2012 as a continuation of 2011; or we can face the future as a new opportunity, not forgetting the past, but opening up to the possibility that the future is a unique and distinct, not just the past carried forward in time. My opinion?  We should draw a line in time.

Completion is that line.  It’s the conscious process to help us in freeing ourselves up for the future.  We need to create a sense of closure to truly complete this year so that we can powerfully face the coming year.   And, how do we create closure?  We say so.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.  The questions and answers will serve as vehicles to complete 2011 and draw that line in time.

1) What am I most proud of from this past year?

2) What worked for me in my business in 2011?

3) What were my biggest lessons in 2011?

4) What were my biggest disappointments in 2011?

5) What am I ready to let go of from this past year?

6) What didn’t work for me in my business in 2011?

7) What do I need to begin doing in 2012 that I didn’t do in 2011?

9) What do I need to stop doing in 2012 that I did in 2011?

10) What do I need to continue doing in 2012 that I did in 2011?

As you take some time to think about and write down your answers to these questions, see if you can reflect on this past year with a sense of appreciation of what running a business has taught you—the good and the bad.  And, whatever negative judgments come up because of shortfalls, I suggest letting them go.  

By completing your year, you will give yourself the gift of appreciation and peace, and allow an opening in which you can create your goals for 2012 with a sense of freedom, clarity and power.

Happy Old and Happy New Year!


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